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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions under which your dog is accepted for grooming by Barks N Bubbles. By making an appointment for us to come and groom your dog, you are considered to agree and be bound by these terms.

Terms and Conditions:
(These may change at any time and are applicable to all grooms booked face to face,
online and by phone). For the purposes of this document 'I' refers to Liz Craddock of Barks N Bubbles.

All bookings will require a non-refundable £25 deposit to secure, this is payable over the phone at time of booking.
The deposit may be used as part payment towards the groom or left as a rolling deposit for subsequent appointments.
• There must be a safe, free and mostly level place for my van to be parked that is close to your home.
• I reserve the right to terminate the grooming process or refuse to groom any dog
that is overly distressed or aggressive.  The dog will then be returned to its owner, who will then only be charged for the call out and services completed at that point as I deem reasonable (brushing/bathing etc).
•Should I arrive and the dog is too distressed/aggressive/injured to initiate the grooming process, the deposit is still payable and will not be returned. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform me of any such issues that may affect the groom at time of booking in.
• If I encounter mats in the dog’s fur that I cannot brush out, they will be clipped out.  I am not in the business to torture animals, and clipping the mats off is the most humane thing to do.
Please note that when an animal has been shaved/de matted, this will dramatically change the appearance of it and Barks N Bubbles will not be held liable for any injuries, skin conditions or illnesses that occur or are discovered due to the mats being removed.
Any subsequent treatment and cost will be the owner’s responsibility.
A £10 surcharge will be payable if mats need removing.
• There is a £10 surcharge for fleas.
• When the groom has been completed, please take time to look over your pet before paying.  Ensure that you are happy with it and don't be afraid to ask for 'a bit off here' or ' a bit shorter there'!  It is no problem and I endeavor to leave both pets and owners happy!

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