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My name is Liz Craddock and I am a Level 3 Qualified Dog Groomer with over 10 years experience! I can groom any breed of dog to breed standard as well as pet trims, desheds and puppy grooms all on a calm and kind 1-to-1 basis. 

I use only hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly products during the groom. These products will be individually tailored to your dog and therefore perfect for each and every coat type!


(subject to availability)

 My grooming van, Bella, is a state-of-the-art conversion designed specifically for grooming. With independent power and water, she provides a deluxe spa environment for your dog from right outside your home!



Please Note:
All prices are estimates and are subject to location, size, temperament and condition of the dog's coat as well as groomer's discretion. You will be given an estimate over the phone during the consultation. However, upon viewing the dog, the groomer reserves the right to adjust the price quoted for any reason. You will be advised of the new price prior to the groom taking place.

Additional Services and Charges:


The pawfect opportunity to introduce your little one to the world of grooming! Suitable for all breeds under the age of 6 months and includes Bath, Gentle Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nails Clipped and Filed, Ears Cleaned, Hygiene Area and Facial Trim (if required) PLUS Spritz of Fragrance! All products used are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin/fur types.

Nail Clip £15+               Matting Fee £10+          Flea Surcharge £10+

Bath and Brush - from £40:

For ALL breeds - is also the only option for breeds like Labrador, Jack Russell, Beagle, Whippets, Huskey, French Bulldog etc.

Includes: Bath, De-shedding treatment, Blow dry, Ears Cleaned, Claws clipped and filed, FREE facial and paw balm.


Tidy Trim - From £54:

For all long haired, double coated breeds like Long Haired German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Setters etc.

Includes: Bath, De-shedding treatment, Blow dry, Ears Cleaned, Claws clipped and filed, FREE facial and paw balm. PLUS Paws Trimmed, Feathers Trimmed, Underneath and Back End Trimmed, Tail Trimmed, Hygiene Areas Clipped Out. 


Full Grooms - From £54:

For breeds like Poodle, Cavachon, Cockapoo, Spaniels, Maltese, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Bichon Frise. 

Includes: Bath, De-shedding treatment, Blow dry, Ears Cleaned, Claws clipped and filed, FREE facial and paw balm. PLUS Clip and Style to requirements (Depending on Coat and Temperament)




How Does it Work?

Our Van is affectionately called 'Bella' and has been professionally converted into a grooming salon by Wet Pets Conversions. Equipped with a large battery bank, she can run completely independently (no noisy generator) or hook up to your home using the traditional plug in cable.

The majority of our grooms will not require plugging in, however end of day appointments at busy times may do.  You would always be made aware of this prior to the appointment!

Bella has been sign written on the outside so that you can easily spot when we pull up - all that we ask is that there is somewhere safe, mostly level (and free!) for us to park that is close to your home.

What's Inside?

Inside, there is a custom built salon fully equipped with everything needed to perform all manner of grooming styles as well a WARM WATER HYDROBATH that always maintains a set temperature. Due to Bella's fantastic conversion, the water is instantly warm and the hydrobath then mixes your choice of shampoo into the dog's coat with a high pressure water attachment (removable for little dogs!). This ensures a thorough clean on the thickest of coats and aids in muscle relaxation as well as deshedding and cleansing of the skin.

We have a water tank on board as well, so it is a truly independent salon experience from right outside your home!

Our electric grooming table can be lowered to the level of the bath for older dogs and large breeds - so they just step out of the bath directly onto the table!

There are beautiful cabinets and drawers for our equipment and we even have a built in dog crate within the cabinetry should you wish for two dogs to remain together throughout the groom.

Hot or Cold Weather?

We have an airing cupboard on board to store our warm fluffy towels and a heater for cold days. There is a window in the roof for ventilation and sunlight as well as an extractor/intake fan that keeps us cool on warm days. A second double doggy-door ensures safety even when the van side door is open for ventilation!

Drying and Styling

There are two types of dryer installed. The two-speed, powerful, blaster dryer for thick coats and a wall-mounted stand dryer for faces, wool coats and puppies!

You can request a style for all breeds that require a Full Groom (pictures welcome!) and we can discuss your requirements on the day! Breed standard trims and pet styles are all catered for (depending on coat condition and temperament of dog).

Why Mobile?

Dogs are often calmer and more relaxed when not having to travel to the salon and you can rest assured that they are safe behind our double door system within the van!

Your dog will receive one to one care and grooming from our fully qualified, insured and experienced groomer, Liz, you can be sure to receive first class service without having to travel!




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